For my inaugural post here, I would like to recap the past week which was spent in London visiting two conferences: PocketGamer Connects and the Bett Show.

PocketGamer Connects was an exciting two days, with a strong focus on the mobile games industry. Sum Fun was selected to be part of the Big Indie Pitch, a competition where 40 games were chosen to be reviewed by 18 judges – it was a hectic competition (with just 3 minutes to demonstrate the game to each table of judges and 2 minutes for discussion) and although Sum Fun didn’t take any of the top 3 prizes there was some excellent feedback!

The Bett Show is a huge education-technology exhibition where I had the chance to meet with many educators and teachers and also get some feedback on Sum Fun. It was wonderful to see how the game could help students in developing their maths skills (especially number bonding), but the highlight was seeing so many inspirational people dedicated to improving education!

Now I’m excited to be back, and starting to follow-up on the feedback and ideas, and preparing the early-access testing. Stay tuned!

Loving the Bett Show in London!
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